Judy and Barry Lisoweski
50th Wedding Anniversary
Saturday 13th October, 2018
Hamilton, Ontario

Photography by Rob Strudwick

Loise Eveleigh with the grandkids Claire and Kyle

Peter Goodson with daughter Natalie, and grandchildren Logan and Meghan.

Bernadette Hendrix and Gerry Molinar from Ottawa (Judy's flower girl)!

Angelo VA3ACO and  wife Doreen (amateur radio friends)

Arni and Liz  Bose  (Clilff and Marion's daughter)

Bernadette and Gerry from Ottawa meet Clifford Holmes

Brad with Chris Holmes

 John Holmes with Linda.....surprize!

Judy greets Elsie Biegler from our Church of the Nativity

Our good neighbour Wayne Walker with friend Judie Wolfe

Bruce and Bonnie Weaver

Murray and Laurel Thompson (amateur radio friends)

Naomi Williams with son "Matt"

Fran Fairley dear friend of Judy

Father Matthew Griffin meets Claire

A special "thank you" to Brad and Donna for organizing the event.


David Holmes arrives with  Gerry and Kay Inshaw

Liz Boze (Cliff's daughter) joins the boys.

Ted Hammond with Peggy enjoying the cake

The family then gathered at Shakespeare's Restaurant
for a further celebration.

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