Cruise  January 2001
                       Our ship

M/S Westerdam    Eastern Caribbean Cruise
            January 6th-14th, 2001

         Barry & Judy Lisoweski

    Mary & Peter Goodson

         Our home at sea


  • Highlights of our cruise:
  • "911" Kept us happy in the bar!


    Peter at the controls!


                        The "drink of the day"


    Judy in the ship's kitchen during the tour!


          Anthea Knapp (shopping adviser) and Bernie (entertainer)


                    Getting ready for a party!
                            St. Maartens                                                 S                   St. Thomas

    Lunch  (St. Maarten) at the beach.


                                    Our tour guide "Diane"


                              Time to sail into the sunset

        Food and lots of it!

      Steak BBQ at sea!

                  Baked Alaska spectacular!

    Other ships.