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DeVRY Tech 970 Lawrence Ave. West Toronto
Notice the amateur antenna plus rotatable radar antenna to the right of the DeVRY TECH sign.

970 Lawrence Ave. West Toronto Today

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Updated:  23rd September 2021

Happy Anniversary Tremaine and Lynn on your 50th

In Loving Memory of Marilyn Pituley
It is with heavy hearts that we announce
the passing of our beloved Marilyn on September 2, 2021 at the of 72.

David Bruton
VE3DWJ David Bruton
of Hamilton, Ontario
Passed away 5th October 2018 at the age of 74 years
 It is with sadness that we share the passing of David Bruton on October 5, 2018 at the age of 74 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton.
He will be deeply missed by his younger sister Marilyn Cleve, her husband Claus, his nephews Richard and Paul and his many friends.
David was predeceased by his parents Allen and Margaret, and older brother James. David was an ardent ham radio operator.
He was past President and Treasurer of the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club.
Special thanks go to everyone at St. Joseph’s hospital for the kindness and care extended to David.
Cremation has taken place, interment will be on Friday at 10 a.m. at White Chapel Memorial Gardens.
A Celebration of Life is to be determined at a later date.

Visitation and memorial
Visitation: Wednesday, November 13th 2019 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
 Thursday, November 14th 2019 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
 Turner and Porter Peel Chapel (2180 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON).
A memorial service will be held on Thursday, November 14th 2019 at 11:00 AM at the Memorial Turner & P.

In case you've ever wondered what happened to Leslie Gent, from our DeVry days,
Bob Holt  managed to find some info on him.
Seems he lived out his life in Oakville - to a ripe old age of 94 - may he RIP.

Click for obit
Note: Russ graduated DeVry  1966
Thanks Bruce Crouse for the report.

 Bob Holt and his colouring program...Wayne-Barry-Gord

 Special thanks to Bob Holt

Of Moncton, NB

Keith had a profound sense of his large extended family and duty to make the world a better place.
His summers were spent with his grandmother, grandfather, aunts and cousins from Edgett's Landing.
Also time was made for his father's family in Wheaton Settlement.

He graduated from the Technical Course Moncton High 1963,
then completed Electrical Technology De Vry Institute 1966 of Toronto, On.

Keith married his one true love Aug 10, 1968 with a promise to tease her forever.
They had an exceptional time together and were blessed with three beautiful girls.
Kimberley Betty, Nancy Ruth, and Maryanne Catherine.

Keith’s funeral is Wed. 19th July 2-17 at 10 am.
Family and Friends
 Cremation has already taken place.

Wayne and Nancy at Gord's funeral

Wayne and Barry at Gord's funeral

Duane (early days at DeVry)

From Bob Holt
"I think most people that knew Duane would agree - he was a very amiable fellow.
Too bad most of us only knew him for a short while.
I did manage to see him a few times in Calgary, when I lived there in the early 70's. He was always smiling! "

If you can identify any members of these pictures kindly email to Barry Lisoweski  VE3ISX

  Scroll down the page for pictures of the Grads at Hoover Dam
Special thanks to Tremaine Coolen and the gang!

T8 Electronic Engineering Technology  graduating class of 25 Aug 1967

14 May 2014 latest update
Thanks Lonne Monea!

 Back Row:
Tremaine Coolin  * Jerry Klyne * John Davidson  * Bob Stackhouse  * Clarence Scheigert   * John Henry *  Barry Lisoweski
Third Row:
 Dale Chorney  *  Brian Boucher  * Dan Colepaugh * Gerry Chastelet *  Lonne Monea * Gladwin Buckler *  Garry Carr
Mid Row:
 Ken Pituley*  Bud Johnson * Lyle Chisan  *   Bob Keith  * Dave Atwell  * Ron Cobon  * Dick Marino *   Ed Revesz
Front Row:
Clifford Gordon  * Edwin Smith  * Pierie Gharghouri   * Leslie Gent  * K.S. Vriesen  * Wallace Patterson  * David Bruton

We have had more updates...keep them coming!

Supplied names
Bob Stackhouse  Tremaine Coolin  Ron Cobon  Wallace Patterson   Dick Marino
Gerry Chastelet  Ken Pituley Barry Lisoweski
Gladwin Buckler   John Henry  Gary Carr  Dave Colyaugh  David Bruton
Edwin Smith   Clifford Gordon  Lyle Chisen   Bud Johnstone  Lonne Monea  Jerry Klyme  John Davidson  Ed Revesz  Clarence Schweigert Dale Cherief    R.H. Edwards  Brian Boucher  Hank Grey

T-8 Electronic Engineering Technology graduating class of  17 Nov 1967

Front row:  Casey Seponis, Gary Hutchinson, Harold Chamney, Instructor , Instructor Rogers maybee, Ralph Bafaro, Barry Burton, Bob Mick

Back Row: Al Kereck, Dale Bergland, Gordie Langille, Dave Oliver, Dave Hicks, Bruce Crouse, Burno Mariuz, John Burgess, Bernie Jansen, Lawrence Bremner, Ron MacDonald .

Just received from Bob Holt January 2012

T-6 graduating class of  March 1967

Front Row: Roy Fuller, M.Reist,  Leslie Gent, , K.S. Vriesen, 

2nd Row: Stan Coates, , Ian Watson, Duane Moriyama

3rd Row: Terry Lehovich, Don Rysavy, Bob Holt, , Reg Tucker, Bob Nahwegahbo

DeVRY EDI Class of 1966 Graduation Picture

Row 4:   Ken Morrison,  John Biesiada,  Roger Lopas, Lloyd Hylton, Dave Maune, Keith Ryatte, Frank Castelli, Gerald Larry

Row 3:  D. Crispary, .R Souoldell, Russell Nixon, Carl Houison, Paul Geivais, Ben Smith, Lorne Frank

Row2:  R.B. Muir, Berry Smith, Paul Kesser, Bruce Steen, B. Moore, Ed Barber, Vic Gamotossa, J.DiBenealetts

Row 1:  A. Chubats, George Smith, Ken Dones, Victor Knickie, Nick J. Ribezzo, Leslie Gent , G.J Zaidhi, Ralfh Dyee

These people were missing from photo:  H J Boas, T. Dogostine, J Clark, John Lee

Recent additions  2 March 2012

Tremaine and Lynn

On February 12, 2012 the first periodic (can't say annual yet) meeting of the DeVry Institute of Technology Geek's Graduation
classes was held at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Left to right in the picture: Tremaine Coolen Aug /67, W. Dale Chorney Aug /67, Stan Bischop Feb /68 and Syd Sellers Jun 67

Bob Holt and Dale Chorney

Bob Holt current day.


Candid shots while we worked toward that  Diploma!

Shots from 40 Deevale Road, Toronto   1967
Bruce George Keith Barry Gord Dave after exams??

                                                             Terry Noble


Dave Atwell and Gord Langille

Dave Atwell with the DeVRY study guide

Gord Langille checking out a project.

Dave Atwell and Wayne Mann at Centre Island

Look out Wayne...."Lis" is going to take off!
Dave Atwell   Barry Lisoweski   Wayne Mann  Centre Island

Dave Atwell   Lyle Chisan   Barry Lisoweski   take a break from classes.


School is finished   1967

Bruce Crouse in residence

Gord Langille and Barry Lisoweski

Wayne Mann  Gord Langille and Dave Atwell at the quarry
"Light my fire"

Dave Atwell  Wayne Mann and Gladwin Buckler

Wayne Barry and Gord

Barry Lisoweski showing us how to print our own pictures using a home made wooden worked!
40 Deevale Road  Toronto  residence

Gord Langille,  Barry Lisoweski and Wayne Mann

Russ Nixon showing us how to align a 60's colour tv chassis in the lab.

Barry Lisoweski   Gord Langille kicking back

 Sept 1965 George White, Russ Nixon  and Lawrence Schofield arrive at   DeVRY for Fundamentals.

Andrew Schiiler

The Conroy Hotel..watering hole after quartery examinations.

Present Day Shots

Gladwin Buckler present day

Gladwin and the family

Sharon and Dave Atwell present day

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Barry and Judy Lisoweski  VE3ISX Hamilton, Ontario

David Bruton Class of 1967 present day.   VE3DWJ  Hamilton, Ontario

Gord and Connie Langille present day.  Newmarket Ontario

Gord and Connie Langille with the new 5th wheel  December 2009

Bruce and Judy Crouse December 2009


Russ and Gloria Nixon December 2009    VE9RN

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