Hamilton Flood Dunkirk Drive 26 July 09

Pictures by Barry Lisoweski

The above Spectator newspaper video will show the full impact of the storm.


The rain started at 11:55am. Back yard flooded.

Top of Dunkirk Drive near Cochrane.

  Our first sign of trouble...that is the house drain.

The fans and industrial dehumdifier.

First On Site Restoration on location.

Barry in his new hamshack.

The old computer /amateur location before demolition.

The family room/Judy's sewing area.

First On Site Manager Dan Hunter with our Lazy Boy in storage

First On Site  Kitchener storage area of our furniture

Judy's temporary clothes line

We call the supplier of the only recognized backup valve protection
system for Hamilton and Halton Regions.

Plumbway Manager John with Mainline Flood Valve

Mainline Flood Valve mode of operation

The sewer located and the job begins.

The valve joined into the sewer system.
If water comes in from street, the yellow valve closes and protects the house.

The job complete with the floor level and the access door showing.
A normal person can stand on it.

The sump pump now directed outside.
The two downspouts disconnected and drains sealed.